Arkells' Max Kerman with The Arkettes last night
June 19, 2017
by Hannah Alper

Arkells' Max Kerman with The Arkettes last night

Ken Craig, LN's new VP, Ottawa Region
June 11, 2017
by FYI Staff

The concert company is expanding across Canada, and taking on more localized festival and venue management roles.

Justin Bieber on stage at One Love Manchester
June 5, 2017
by FYI Staff

Sunday's One Love Manchester spectacular concert was in part a throwback to the Summer of Love (with video).

Ariana Grande suprised Manchester bombing victims in hospital yesterday
June 4, 2017
by FYI Staff

Ariana Grande's manager has affirmed that the

Ariana Grande returns to the UK. Pic: The Mirror
June 2, 2017
by FYI Staff

Bell Media is expected to announce it will be broadcasting the

Strat played by Andrew Polec
May 28, 2017
by David Farrell

After garnering 5-star reviews and an extended run in Manchester, Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical promises to be the theatrical hit of the s

Terry Wickham working the phone
May 25, 2017
by Bill King

37 years on, it remains one of Canada’s major roots music fests. Its longtime head explores the reasons for its longevity and success.

CR Avery
May 24, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The BC songsmith, poet and playwright gleefully smashes genre barriers, fusing blues, folk and hip-hop in his highly literate tunes. He is now out on the road, both performing his songs and reading from a new collection of poems.

Neil Young salutes us all
May 21, 2017
by FYI Staff

Neil Young and Bruce Cockburn are among the latest inductees into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.

WayHome Festival line-up
May 19, 2017
by FYI Staff

It's the Canadian way, eh! Republic Live steps up to the plate with a grand gesture.

Summer season concert countdown
May 19, 2017
by External Source

Breaking down the hottest of the hot in festival high-season.

Richard Mills, Oakley sunglasses, Feldman Agency
May 17, 2017
by David Farrell

Richard Mills signs off from The Feldman Agency this week after two-plus decades of travelling the world and doing what many peer agents might thin